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Sandaler af genanvendelig reb, Nomadic state of mind, army

Nomadic state of mind

Nomade state of mind sandaler er håndlavede, produceret af genanvendelige polypropylen reb hvilket giver dem imminent modstandsdygtighed overfor slid. Pasformen sørger for at dine fødder har en helt naturlig komfort - næsten som at gå på bare fødder.

En helt igennem fantastisk sandal, produceret miljøansvarligt og fairtrade.

*Sandalerne er store i størrelsen - vælg derfor en størrelse mindre end du normalt ville tage*

Style: Mountain Sage, Army rebfarvet
Farve: Army
Størrelser: 36-41
Materialer: Genanvendelig  polypropylen

Vask: Leave wet rope or wet clothes in a cool dark place when they are wet what happens? yes, they smell like a cross between sasquatch and a litter box. these sandals need to be dried, both sides- kind of like washing your feet- id doesnt work if you just wast the top. so first step if you dont wash the sandals is to dry them in the sun, both sides.Now, if you want to wash them, machine wash is fine, just make sure they have adequate sunlight left in the day to dry- both sides.


Design/Brand:  Nomadic State of Mind, a grassroots-style handmade sandal company founded by Chris Anderson, began its voyage in the late 90’s. In the early years we ran the business out of a 1969 VW bus, which also served as Chris’ summer home (what nature loving, outdoor sports enthusiast, raft guide with a music guided-soul didn’t spend some time in a VW bus?). While we have come a long way since the days of Chris in his van, our philosophy has stayed consistent– If it is done right in the beginning, it will last a long time. Today “We” are: Chris, Entropy Engineer; Dave (Chris’ Dad), Shipping Guru and Disciple of the NY Garment Industry; Lara-dropped out of corporate paint bucket and found a home here, and Kelly, Jeff, Ryan (your packing masters) a team of 17 rope artisans, and distributors around the globe..At the turn of the century (the last one), Chris was introduced to a small community in Nicaragua that had been through some tough times and was in need of reliable income. He taught a small group how to make sandals, believing in fair trade and ethical practices, and sticking to our philosophy– Do it right. In the beginning, the road navigating the Wild West of Nicaragua was long and bumpy with scattered thunderstorms and occasional rainbows. But with perseverance and inspiration from lots of happy feet wandering the planet, we have found a home there for over a decade. So from a van by the river, to international availability and distribution (we even opened a Nomadic State of Mind store in the country of Cyprus) we have continued to grow and “do it right”. Occasionally we let our imaginations take over, which has helped lead to an increased product line with the addition of various forms of rope art (using sandal scraps!), from handbags to water bottle carriers, to rugs and more.

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