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Baby Bath Shampoobar med kamille fra Neven


Synes du også at det er meningsløst at bruge hverdagsting med unødig emballage? Så er en fast naturlig, vegansk, bæredygtige og miljøvenlig sæbe- og shampoobar lige dig.

Navn: Baby Bath                                                                                                                                                                                                       Indhold: 100g. Fri for parabener, parfumer, mineralske oiler og syntetiske eller skadelige tilsætningsstoffer. Alle ingredienser er certificerede fra Debio og Ecocert og produkterne er aldrig afprøvet på dyr.




We have never made milder soap than this one. Gentle and soothing, this bar will wash your baby from head to toe while hydrating and nourishing his/her skin. We used only cold pressed olive oil and castor oil to guarantee that sensitive skin and hair are gently taken care of. Both oils possess a large number of unsaponifiable fatty acids. They form a thin layer on our skin and act as humectants- attracting moisture to the cells. For its aroma and soothing properties, we infused dried roman chamomile into the olive oil. The bar contains nothing else and can easily be used every day by anybody with very sensitive skin. Store the soap in a dry and cool place and use a soap dish that allows water to escape. 

How to: Wet your hair and apply the bar with a circular motion on the scalp. That would be enough to wash your hair, even if it's long. By rinsing the shampoo the foam will pass by your entire hair and cleanse it without drying the ends. Apply a few drops of oil to your hair ends for extra hydration. Please keep the soap bar dry between uses.

Ingredients: water, olive oil, castor oil*, shea butter*, sodium hydroxide, chamomile extract*.

* product of organic farming


Neven samarbejder med små udbydere og eco-friendly firmaer, der deler deres filosofi om naturlige og veganske produkter udvalgt med omtanke for mennesker og natur. 

Nevens unikke formularer fokuserer på rige og effektive komponenter.                 I aromaterapibranchen siger man, at en blanding er mere end blot summen af ​​dens dele blandet sammen. Dette koncept kaldes "synergi" og reflekterer over samspillet mellem de forskellige olier og hvordan de forbedrer hinandens egenskaber.  

Pleje/anvendelse:                                                                                                 Baren kan bruges til både hænder og hår og skal tørre mellem brug. 

Mila & Veli from Neven, Norway, both grew up in families with longstanding traditions of making things naturally from. Being hand-crafters from an early age, they had a strong desire to create good recipes from nature.

They experimented with aromatherapy for several years and wanted to share their experience and benefits from essential oils everyone. They have also incorporate essential oils in everyday products such as salves, body butters, lip balms, and our own, homemade soaps. After the first few batches, their hobby became addictively exciting and gradually evolved into the small business you know today as Neven.

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