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Hello from the new assistant!


My name is Dyveke, and I'm the new assistant here at My Fair Shop.

Some of you may have noticed me on Instagram already - but I thought I would introduce myself here. I'm 32 years old and a mother of two. I have been working with e-commerce and digital marketing before - and I look forward to do that even more here at My Fair Shop!

So how do I try to live sustainable now and what is my journey going towards?

We are a family of four living in central Copenhagen. Some of our lifestyle choices are based on our growing awareness of our enviroment, some are made out of needs, and some are still based on "what we use to"/"what we know" - so there is a lot for me to learn!

1. We don't own a car - this is absolutely no problem in our everyday life! We bike around town, and if we need to go further away we are happy to take the train. BUT we like to go to Sweden or visit my parents at Funen on hollidays. And the public transportation is leaving us with some km to walk with kiddos and luggage - this really isn't that fun, so we try to borrow a car from my mother-in-law whenever we are going on theese trips.

2. Staycation - We have never had money to travel the world a lot (we have had a lot of years studying). But now we are talking about how we want to spend our hollidays. We don't need to see a new place every year. We really like to go to my parents place and spend time with them or borrow their little farmhouse in Sweden. Both places we really enjoy the nature, slow living and to have a lot of time together! That is more important to us than flying around the world twice a year...

3. Waste - as we live in central Copenhagen we take part in sorting our waste. Both biodegradable, plastic, metal, paper, glass and so on. We try our best to divide our waste in categories for it to be reused. Also we do a bit of plogging when walking around.

4. Clothes - First time we became parents we were both studying and had no money - luckily my brother got a child a few years before us and had saved both clothes and furnitures we could get. My friend had a stroller she didn't use anymore. Really we didn't have to buy much. The clothes for the kids have been going back and forth between my brother and me - and most of it has now been used for the fourth time! When needing new we often shop at thrift stores, secondhand apps and then we look for the Oeko-Tex certification in new clothes. BUT regarding the laundry we could change our habits. We don't tumbledry most of our clothes, we wash a lot of it at 30 degrees but use regular soap - with certifications though - but I really think we should test soapberries soon! 

5. Food - We have bought mostly ecological for years. We buy leftover bread from bakeries once in a while. We eat our leftover food for lunch or dinner the day after. I have been eating vegetarian for half of my life and use a lot of plantbased alternatives - especially oatmilk in my to-go chai :) (By the way I use one og these to-go cups - the best one I have tried!)

So this was some of the areas where we already do some to take care of our earth. But what do I expect from here on? I don't expect my family to be completely perfect in this sustainable living - but I want to make choices based on knowledge. I want to cut down even more on our plastic waste and I want to learn more on different certifications. And I want to learn more on how I as a consumer can support and empower more people around the world!

Which change or swap do you think have been the esiest? - or the hardest?

Charline Skovgaard
Charline Skovgaard


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